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A vision for the future of aerospace

Our main activities revolve around research and development. To this end we are currently pursuing the following main projects. For discussions, visit our forums.

Nerva Orbital

Nerva Orbital

The NERVA Consortium (National grant NERVA-82076) develops a theoretical and experimental study for the performance evaluation of a small, obsolete SAM missile, followed by the design and development of mechanical and electronic refurbishment of the vehicle in order to massively increase its performance up to a maximum flight altitude of 160 km and a remanent speed of 3700 m/s. This new vehicle will be developed and demonstrated through a series of live engine tests on the test-bank. This way, Romania will acquire its own, practical, low-cost alternative to accessing outer space.


Proiectul ORVEAL

Financed through the national grant ORVEAL-2-2934, The micro-satellite ADDASAT platform is the target payload for a small space launcher. This program is sponsored by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation through the national grants NERVA-82076 and ORVEAL-2-2934, that has been recently qualified for financing with a ranking of 4 out of 103 projects. The microlauncher is under current experimental development by a consortium which includes Electromecanica Ploiesti.

ADDA Studios

ADDA Studiis | Studiourile ADDA

Our IT division's activities range from CFD simulations, to developing proprietary flight simulation algorithms, to more down-to-earth commercial activities that we pursue in order to increase our research funding and visibility on the international scene. These commercial activities include webdesign, webhosting, print (DTP), identity and branding, software design and game design, among others. Our team is uniquely qualified to combine an excellent ability to perform top-notch computational research as well as commercial production. All of our profits go back into R&D, dissemination and education.