Over 60 years experience in rocket propulsion.

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About Us

First Space Propulsion SME in Romania

1968, MRE-1B engine and stand, Radu, Mihai and Nicu

Industrial R&D organization focused on rocket engine manufacturing.

First LRE (Liquid Rocket Engine) demonstration behind the Iron Curtain, MRE-1B in 1968, as a student organization.

SME Incorporation in 1991.

Conducting world-class R&D with significant innovation in rocket engine technology, as proven by 3 patents and over 13 innovations and theories. R&D Center in Bucharest, 100 tf Test Stands in Făgăraș.

What We Do

4 kgs (9 lbs) nanosatellite launcher called SPARTACUS A envisioned from refurbished SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles).

Successful First Stage 2010 test flight.

The end goal of the development of our products is a launcher program based on our own, patented, state-of-the-art MLR-77 LREs (Liquid Rocket Engines) and the MEC-80 CREs (Combined Rocket Engines®).

SPARTACUS A Nanosatellite Launcher Architecture
SPARTACUS A Architecture



2008 - Ongoing

Nationally funded by UEFISCDI, 4 kg nanolauncher called SPARTACUS A envisioned from refurbished SAMs. Successful First Stage 2010 test flight. Government project ended in 2012. Subsequent development through private funding.


2012 - 2015

Nationally funded by UEFISCDI, MEC-80 Combined Rocket Engine® R&D program. Thrust: 300 kN. Patented, TRL 5, projected test fire in 2018. Intended as SPARTACUS First Stage drop-in replacement of SRE MES5-M.


2014 - ongoing

Indended as SPARTACUS Third Stage charge, a maneuverable, recoverable nanosatellite capsule in a highly compact, under 4 lbs packaging, heat shield included. Internal funding. TRL 2


2016 - ongoing

EU funded through ERDF and NASR, LRE R&D program (pictured) with 770 kN of thrust. Intended as SPARTACUS Orbital Insertion (3rd) stage and Vernier thrusters. Currently at TRL 4.

Press release at project start.


Meet the Team

Bucharest Research Center

Prof. Dr. Ing. Radu Rugescu

PhD Prof. Eng. Radu-Dan Rugescu

Founder and CEO, Rocket Propulsion

Dragos-Ronald Rugescu

As. Mrd. Eng. Dragos-Ronald Rugescu

Founder and EA, Astrionics

Efim Micu

Eng. Efim Micu

Aerospace Engineer

Fagaras Test Stands

Catalin Predoiu

Eng. Catalin Predoiu

EE, Test Range Operations

Fatu Ioan

Eng. Fatu Ioan

EE, Pyrotechnician

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18 Pictor Octav Bancila St,
Bucharest 060144, Romania, EU

+40 723 673 054

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